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Rempering brass spring?

Hello everyone. I am rather new. I have lurked for some time but
have not written in before. By way of introduction I have been an RN
for the last 15 years, an having always been a creative person have
returned to schoo l in pursuit of a BFA in metalsmithing. I am
currently working on a proje ct that I had to design and internal
spring mechanism that would retract a claw. The spring mechanism I
have fabricated out of brass, and I did do some work hardening with
it with a planishing hammer. I would like to fi nish tempering / work
hardening it in the kiln, but I am unable to find a nything that
references brass as far as the temperature and time are cons idered.
I did not use spring steel because I had to do some initial solde
ring, and brass would be far easier to solder in the school setting,
at l east for us. I did put the component in a tumbler for about 45
minutes an d though that helped, what really made the biggest
difference that I coul d tell was the planishing. It does need more
however and as this is not a large component to begin with, it would
be easier to do the heat part. T hanks so much! public or private
response or suggestions will be greatefu lly appreciated.
(@JoLene_Treace, or ). Anyone on th e list a
member of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild? I have been a member for
a little over a year.

JoLene Treace