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Removing wax from ring!

Does any one know a good way to remove wax that has been melted into
a ring for making a tracer band?


What I’ve actually done before, if the ring has stones that take
heat, is heat the ring up with my torch GENTLY, and the wax will
melt off and evaporate. To prevent wax from sticking to the ring, try
spraying LIGHTLY some silicone spray lube. on it first, and then
make your shadow band or ring. When you separate the two, it should
come apart easier than if none was ever used.

Good luck! Steve

Does it have stones? What kind of stones? I use a very small pick to
take out the bulk wax without scratching the metal. Next a steamer is
useful. Goo Gone is great or golf grip solvent works well to remove
residue too. Ultrasonic in a very warm tank if the stones can take
the heat, but then I suppose if you melted it for a tracer band it
should take the heat from the sonic.