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Removing watch crystals

How do you get a watch crystal off? And what glue do I use to put it
back on?


Julia, why do you need to remove the crystal? I would think that
anything requiring a crystal removal would be better left to a
watchmaker. Could it not be better addressed by removing the
movement from the back of the watch? That said, there are numerous
ways to remove a crystal, and the same number of ways to potentially
ruin them. For cemented-in crystals, there is a ‘glue’ sold by any
watchmaker supply house, that hardens crystal clear without fogging
the surface of the cystal or the face. Just don’t use any
’super-glue’ style adhesive - you won’t be happy with the result.

Lee Cornelius

What kind of watch crystal? There are many different kinds, hence
many different methods.