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Removing stones from dop wax

John mentions soaking in Methylated spirits to remove dop wax. A method
that works well for me is to set the dopped stone in the freezer
compartment of the fridge for 10 - 15 min. The stone pops off and leaves
only a small amount of residue which is easily removed with a little
solvent on a rag. I use denatured alcohol instead of methylated spirits on
the rag. On these hot, muggy days, I might use a little 5% ethyl alcohol
applied internally while the stone freezes.

In Wisconsin - Midwest USA

Chuck, if you use the put-em-in-the-freezer method, try putting the dop
stick/stone in a plastic baggie and seal it up…I lost a stone laying it
loose in freezer; freezer defrosted and stone plugged up the drain line.
Cost me a bundle for a service call.

Sharon Holt, aka