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Removing mercury

Hi. I had a friend ask me about this. Since I had no experience with
mercury, I was not able to help her. She went to someone else who
heated the ring at apparently the wrong temperature and instead of
vaporizing, the mercury bonded at a whole 'nother level. This caused
the gold to become very brittle and he gave the wedding ring back in
two pieces and still contaminated. I understand that gold guilding is
done with a mercury/gold amalgum. Perhaps you should seek the advice
or give it to someone who is adept at guilding? Best of luck and watch
those vapors!

Stephanie Morton

Hello Orchidians,

I have only had a little experience with mercury on gold. The mercury
seems to eat the alloys, leaving a pitted ring. Eventually the ring
will break at the spot affected. Cut out the area, or replace the ring
are the only two options I would recommend. If there are other/better
ways I will always try but don’t get this problem very often.

Scott Anderson