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Removing ice resin from copper

I made a photo bracelet sealed with Ice Resin and need to redo two of
the links. Is there a way to remove the Ice Resin from the copper
link? I can separate the links if they can be soaked in some type of

Carolyn in Clearwater

Hi Carolyn,

Yes, you can use Attack. It works very well. Once you open it, don’t
forget to add marbles to bring the level of Attack to the top of the

Attack (wholelottawhimsy)

Tonya Davidson

About Attack, we’ve been selling it for more than 20 years but were
about to drop it due to excessive evaporation - frankly we were
tired of customer complaints and were losing too much money combining
multiple bottles into one to make up the specified volume. I did not
want to drop the product but it was simply not economic in terms of
keeping customers happy.

Then we started putting our bottles into ‘zip-lock’ bags and voila!
Problem solved.