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Removing glue residue from cabochons?

Recently I have acquired a few obsidian and seraphinite cabochons,
unfortunately they have some glue residue stuck to the back,
obviously from having been stuck onto cardboard or similar. Could
please someone give some advice on how to clean them? I don’t want
to damage the stones and am unsure on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance

Isabella Pasche

Easiest way is to wipe them with acetone. This is normally available
as nail varnish remover.


Try using rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). It will remove the adhesive
and not damage the stones.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peanut butter is the least toxic of all options, and it really does
work. I would certainly try it first. Let us know your results.

Thank you all for your suggestions. There is a paper attached to one
side of the copper, so the adhesive is not all that “gooey”, but is
certainly industrial strength (it was used to line the walls of an
MRI room). I tried the goo gone (no success) and Oops! (no success)
and then a weak (nail polish remover type) acetone. That seemed to
work the best so I purchased some extra strength acetone to try on
it. I just have to figure out what type of container to do my soaking
in. I have some lovely large pieces I will probably have to cut
apart. Also, I was wondering if this will have to wait until the
weather cools off again… sunny AZ has been having 110 degree days!
I will take note off all the other chemicals noted (BENZINE and NOT
BENZENE, etc.) and try those after I am able to try the acetone.
Again, the wealth of knowledge on orchid is incredible. Thank you
and if I ever get it off, I will let you know! :slight_smile:

Heidi Peters
HP Designs


For acetone removal, I use the orange plastic pill bottles that come
from the pharmacy (Walgreen’s). The acetone will not affect the
plastic at all. Keep the acetone out of the sun, and AWAY from any
electrical sources like outlets, machinery, etc. It’s flammable.


Thank you all for the advice. In the end what did it was acetone, at
first I was afraid it would damage the stones, that’s why I posted
here, but it turned out to be exactly what was needed.

There was a mention of peanut butter, I will have to try that next

Thank you all again

Isabella Pasche
Arlisa Bijoux - Swiss Handcrafted Jewellery