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Removing firescale in removing atmosphere

Hi Kelly

This is somewhat overkill. Annealing should be quite simple.
Firescale to me is not a problem unless one is using silver that is
much too thin, as some students and beginners do. I have always just
used propane for large work, silversmithing, and oxy propane for
jewellery, I seldom use sheet less than 0,8 mm, usually between 2mm
and 1mm.

Annealing takes just a few minuits and then into the acid. I do
nearly all the work without removing firescale then do a careful
final shaping and cleanup, perhaps a pre-polish before any soldering
with a bristle brush and tripoli.

Sometimes I will use an anti-firescale flux if there are areas that
will be difficult to polish subsequently, but usually I just get on
with the job, eventually an other cleanup and a polishing sequence.

Best of luck

David Cruickshank (Australia)