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Removing epoxy glued findings

I have been asked by a customer to convert her husbands bolo ties to
pendants for her. One is a natural shaped, lapped back, turquoise
stone with the bolo finding glued directly on the back. It appears
to be clear and is probably epoxy. The other is a more elaborate set
up with a turquoise stone bezel set in a decorated sterling base
which is then set in a piece of horn/antler. The finding for that is
glued on the back but the adhesive is aged and yellow, almost amber
in color. It’s quite sloppy as well. I would appreciate suggestions
on how to remove this glue/epoxy.

Thanks for your suggestions

Chris in Boise, Idaho

Hi, epoxy can be dissolved in methylene chloride which can be bought
quite easily as paint stripper. You could try a bit of acetone or
amyl acetate (nail varnish removers) first as many epoxies will be
softened by these without risking caustic burns to oneself.

Nick Royall