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Removing epoxy from pearls SAFELY!

one more time people: the debonder solvent from ‘uncommon
conglomerates, inc.’ (paleobond glues) 1-800-323-4545 is the
absolutely best & safest debonder to remove every adhesive/coating
known to the industry. i have safely used it on everything from
cyanoacrylic to epoxies on gem material from pearls to turquoise. it
does not hurt skin. it does not require more than a few drops for a
few minutes. it works without heating or requiring a mask. paleobond
has a $25 minimum so that the 8 ounce bottle can be mixed with a
couple of their different viscosity bonders - from water-like to
gap-filling - for a super safe & handy package. their specialty is
adhesive for stabilizing fragile fossils & bonding bone fragments for
collectors & museums - it would be nice if someone remembers this
product so i don’t have to keep touting it every few weeks since i
don’t own any stock!

people: think!