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Removing channel set diamonds

I need to remove some channel set diamonds from a 14K gold wedding
band. How do I do that? What tool should I use to spread the
channel? Thanks for your help!


anneal the metal, work from underneath and use bow opening

If you need to save the mounting you can use a chasing tool. I
modified one so that it has a recess where there would normally be
interference with the closer channel rail, kinda hooks over the rail.
So that you reach over the closer rail and drive into the inner side
of the far rail. This lets you get an angle of attack that’s close to
parallel with the tables, so you have less chance of chipping stones.
You’d need an engravers’ block or a benchmate to hold the ring as
this is a two handed operation. I’ve seen people use a prong lifter
but my feeling is why deal with those nasty tool marks if you don’t
have to.

If you do not need to save the mounting a cut off wheel makes quick
work of it. Sometimes just cut thru the shank and gently twist the
channel, depends.

I didn’t catch the initial question, but we’ve been doin a lot of
recycling of customers jewelry, requiring diamond removal. If the
gold alloy is going to scrap and you need to remove a lot of mellee,
you can put the piece well coated with boric acid alcohol mix on your
charcol block and melt it with a reduced flame. As the metal balls up
you’ll see the diamonds float to the surface. Let cool, put in
plastic spoon with some pickle and they’ll come free and be clean.