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Removing baked on finish aluminum

Hello: I’m looking for a jewelers acid that will remove a baked on
finish from aluminum. I think it’s either paint or bluing, nothing
that I’ve tried from a hardware will remove it. I’m trying to polish a
backstrap ( grip frame ) on a old gun. Would be grateful for any
Many Thanks. Billy.

That’s probably annodized, it won’t dissolve. Sand it off with fine

Are you sure it is not annodized? If it is, nothing short of
grinding will get it off that I know of.

Hi, there are several diferent finishes that could be on a pistol.
Your best bet would be to go to a gunsmith and have them do it. You
will need them to refinish the parts anyway. Just a note but don’t
buff with Zam, the finishes don’t work well if you polish with it.