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Reminder - Jewelry Discussion Only

Hi Orchidians -

A couple of reminders…

  1. Orchid is for serious jewelry discussion only. Debate on topics related to jewelry making is welcome and embraced. This is not the appropriate place to discuss politics, or express political opinions. There are other places for that.

  2. Please keep threads on topic. If a thread is related to a topic, and you want to discuss a different topic, either start a new thread OR search the archives and re-kindle or bring current an old one. Sometimes an Orchidian will recognize a topic as having already been covered - if you would be so kind as to point out the relevant thread and post a link to same, that would help us keep things organized and efficient.

  3. Please keep in mind, every post or reply you make does have a “cost” … your post is read by literally thousands of your fellow Orchidians. Do your best to make thoughtful, well-structured, posts that everyone can understand and benefit from.

Happy 2017 to all!