Relocation to New England

To all out there in Orchid land:

I am a bench jeweler, mostly repairs, seeking to move my family back
to our roots in the ski country of New England, and myself back to
my more artistic roots. We have a target area of central Vermont/New
Hampshire, but are somewhat flexible as to where exactly we land, so
long as it is in snow country, and nearer to our families (who
mostly reside in CT).

Part time or full time employment, inexpensive or shared studio
space, nearly any other arrangement would be considered. I currently
do repair work, custom work, have a small line of specialty pieces
and some one of a kind silver pieces. I work in all metals and am
proficient in setting. I also do some contract trade work, including
some for another Orchid member.

If you have any offers or suggestions, or know of someone in our
target area who might have such a situation, please contact me off
list at either @Jim_Reitze or I can send you a link for more detailed
Clicking the link below will bring you to our original
web site. An updated site is under construction and will replace it

Jim Reitze


We are currently looking for a bench jeweler. Posted the specs. here
a couple of weeks ago and also on Send me an email if the
Berkshires are of interest.

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Hi Richard;

Actually, I had seen your recent post, and the one a year or so ago.
I had responded to the first one, but after a few emails, you went
off somewhere and my wonderful (now former) web hosting service
started having problems that lost me all of my old email, addresses,
incoming Orchid, the works. By the time I got it all fixed, I figured
you had filled your needs, so didn’t pursue it further.

The Berkshires aren’t the center of our dreams, but not so far off
center as to be out of consideration. I actually have a connection
there in the form of an ex-brother-in-law who is a math teacher
(perhaps head of department) for the Lenox school system. There is
also proximity to skiing and our families (mostly in CT, outside
Hartford to be counted as pluses.

I recently answered and ad for the Jared Galleria stores in New
Hampshire. In the exchange of emails with their representative, I
asked a few questions pertinent to my needs. I got so frustrated by
the evasive action I got from her that I finally gave up on that
possibility. I’m going to ask some of the same questions here, and
hopefully will get better results. I understand completely that any
actual offer of employment would be contingent upon interviews,
checking references, perhaps a bench test, whatever else you
customarily do in your hiring process. However, I feel I should be
able to get a general idea of the situation before I burn up time and
money resources, at least a good enough feel to decide if it is
worth my (our your) while.

Salary - If you look at my web site (my creation, by the way, that
is one of my dabbling sidelines), you can probably get a fair idea of
the kinds of things I am already capable of. I do work in all metals
from silver on up to platinum. My strongest area is most likely
fabrication, but I also carve waxes, do setting work, etc. Some of
the pieces in my gallery section are wedding bands in platinum that
were created to match customers’ engagement rings. Most of them were
fabricated from platinum flat sizing stock, cut, shaped, hand
engraved, often with bead set diamonds. Based on what you see, and of
course contingent on interviews, bench test, etc., can you give me
some idea of a starting salary range? And, how far is up from that

Benefits - With 2 sons (11 & 15 right now), health insurance is
becoming more important to us, especially with their competitive ski
activities. I don’t need specific numbers right now, but just to know
who pays what % of what. Retirement, paid vacation, stock or profit
sharing, anything else would be icing on the cake.

Potential Conflict of Interest - My current business is 95% doing
repair work through the host store. I have an agreement trading store
work for bench space. For reasons I won’t pester you with here, I am
more than ready to leave that behind and work on a higher quality of
goods for a higher grade of customer. On the side, though, I do
several things that I am NOT anxious to part with (though I might for
the right situation). 1 - contract production work, mostly silver,
for a fellow Orchidian who found me through and Orchid posting. 2 - I
have 2 wholesale accounts who buy specialty charms, etc, from me.
These items are sold exclusively to the businesses in question (1
here in NC, 1 in southern VA). 3 - I enjoy creating new items for my
line of oddball charms, things not usually available from the large
scale manufacturers. I also have fun creating one-off pieces,
usually in sterling. I sell these items from the web site and
wherever else I can. I am very cautious whenever I am working for
someone else NOT to compete with that company, but I need to know
where your policies stand on such things.

Big question - timing. I won’t be available until early to mid-July.
We don’t want to pull the boys out of school before the end of the
year (mid to late June, depending on any more weather related days
out). Our target has been to be ready to roll when my host store
closes for the first week of July, but I might be able to get ahead
of that by a week or 2, depending on circumstances. What I really
don’t want to do, though, is come on ahead and leave the family to
pack and make arrangements. I had to do that once in the past, and it
is a line I don’t want to cross again.

The link I mentioned in the original posting is This gives a bit more
detail on my situation, and will link you into the main web site
(that link is also below), where you can find more of my history and
capabilities. If you are interested in taking this any further, you
can reach me at this email, or by phone at 828-734-3821. I would
appreciate calls after 7 pm, or on weekends, if possible. It is
difficult for me to talk freely at the store, as they don’t know of
my plans yet. I can sometimes get away to return a call, though, so
please leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up.

Thanks for your interest, and your response.

Jim Reitze