Relocated and looking for work in NYC

Hi Orchid forum,

If anyone needs any assistance in the New York City area, I
encourage you to contact me.

I’m Dana, and I’ve just relocated to New York City from San
Francisco, where I received my Graduate Jeweler diploma in 2013.
Since then, I have been interning, taking workshops, and assisting
with production. I have a BA in Spanish language and Literature from
The Colorado College, and a Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship
from Pratt Institute. Prior to entering the jewelry industry, I
worked for non-profit organizations. I am looking for work in
Manhattan or Brooklyn. I am very eager to gain experience working in
all aspects of the jewelry business, from gaining fabrication
experience to sales, etc. I plan to start my own line and
philanthropic jewelry business. I am most interested in learning how
to balance production with running a business and about sourcing
ethically and sustainably. Moreover, if anyone has any or
advice to offer me on this topic and at this stage in my career, I
would really appreciate your two cents! Please reach out to me for my
resume and samples of my work at Dana. Thank you
so much! Looking forward to hearing from you! Dana