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Relaxed Orchid

Idle curiousity prompts me to ask why the number of posts on the
list seems to have dramatically decreased recently.

A) Do jewellers give up email at this time of the year as a form of

B) Does business suddenly increase to where there’s no time for idle

C) Have we run out of questions or answers?

D) Have folks decided that free advice is worth what our Uncle Mort
told us it is worth?

Anyway - if the posts are few and far between you have my permission
to use this as filler.

Marty in Victoria

Idle curiousity prompts me to ask why the number of posts on the
list seems to have dramatically decreased recently. 

Seems to happen periodically. I suspect it has to do with things like
mother’s day, father’s day, graduations and the wedding season
bearing down on everyone. Not to mention the season for outdoor shows
(which is already well underway in the south).

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL

Hi Marty

Too funny! I always like reading your posts. Thankfully, I have been
busy. I also asked my gazillion questions a few months back and am
now working with that info to get some things done. I’m heading to
the garage today, so maybe I will be posting lots tomorrow (like what
the heck do I do with that 400 dollar polishing cabinet/motor

It’s not really a question, so to speak, but I have been thinking
over something for a little while. Maybe someone has some opinions
they want to share. Is there anyone out there who works (in whole or
part) for charity? I had decided to integrate a cause I care about
into my business, but, frankly, it’s kickin’ my butt. Balance? I’m

I hope everyone is busy,

Kim Starbard

My first thought might be that Hanuman is monitoring flow but since
he let your email come through that must not be the case so let me
throw out a few thoughts. In my experience, the threads that usually
generate the most responses are usually ones having to do with
growing or running businesses (how do I create a brand, how do I
copyright something, what kind of markups should I use) and those
that deal with ethical questions (what do I tell the customer when I
break his stone or should I disclose an undetectable treatment,
etc.). The ones having to do with straightforward production
questions (how do I solder two pieces of wire together) tend to be
answered briefly and usually don’t need much discussion. There are a
few ways to do it and after they’ve been listed there isn’t any
other reason to post. Same with questions about suppliers (where can
I find the perfect sapphire). Once the sources have been listed the
discussion stops. So I think if you want more activity you have to
pose more interesting questions/problems than simply how to do
something. Not that this list isn’t a place for those basic
questions, but if that is what is dominating the list, then the
responses will be short.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Idle curiousity prompts me to ask why the number of posts on the
list seems to have dramatically decreased recently.

Some of us are here. Right now, we are lurking…

Lisa,(off to buy a rat-zapper),Topanga, CA USA

I don’t know about the reduced number of posts, but I have found
recently that my orchid mail has been showing up in my bulk "spam"
folder. I have to check it frequently to make sure I pull it out.

Ventura, CA

Hi Lisa,

The number of recent posts may have decreased because many of the
active posters here have been off to Brad Simon’s four-day Jeweler’s
Bench Conference in Buffalo, NY.

I just returned last night and was pleasantly surpised to have been
able to put faces to the many names I se here. Great fun, informal
event, but very, very educational, and a chance to see many vendors
in a venue much lass crowded than the normal large jewelry shows.

I was invited to teach a full afternon class relating to jewelry
photography, and two other clases relating to the handling of
colored stones at the bench. I had too much fun and I thnk everyone
else did, as well, judging from the buzz.

United Precious Metals gave us a tour of their facility, breaking a
long-standing tradition of allowing ANYONE inside their facilities.
Very educational and impressive. The group was then taken to nearby
Niagara Falls for a visit, and THEN to the Anchor Bar, the home of
the riginal Buffalo Wings, where everyone feasted. And UPM most
generously picked up the entire tab! WOW!

Next year, the event is in Los Angeles…for more visit and subscribe to the free Bench newsletter.

Just a great event for bench jewelers and store owners!

Wayne Emery