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Reheating a flask for casting

My flask was at temperature for casting but the centrifuge wouldn’t wind up. So the flask cooled down, its been sitting at room temperature for 3 days and centrifuge is fixed. Can I just heat it up again and pick up where I left off?

Dont see another choice and I think that will be fine. My old professor would say leave it in water for an hour before but I think it will be ok just like it is. I’m finding with experience and now casting resin mostly that flasks are more robust than we give them credit for. I tap mine on the side with an old heavy file and blow them out with compressed air. No problem.

Well my wife Leslie reminded me of our jewelry teacher in high school “Mr Valentine” back in 1971. He would burnout over the weekend and cool to room temp for 2-3 days then cast at room temp.
I still have castings and they are as good as anything i do now.

Wish he was still with me.


It worked! Thanks for the encouragement.

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My mentor at the factory said “just go ahead and cast it. It set up and burned out and the gold wasn’t delivered. The flask sat on the table overnight. We didn’t want to experiment with gold so we melted some silver, pulled a vacuum on the flask and poured - perfect castings! I’m not sure that I’d make that SOP but when you have to? What have you got to lose?