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Regulator for use with a smith little torch

I recently inherited a set of oxy/acetylene regulators - the VICTOR
SR 260 series. I was wondering if I could use a Little Torch or Mini
Torch with them. According to the Victor site, these are medium duty
single stage regulators.

I have tried searching the web and these seem comparable to the
Smith regulators H1941-520 sold with the little torch. The output
regulator is measured in one pound increments though whether that
means adjustable is unknown.

If not OK with the smaller torch would they be OK with a Meco
Midgit? I can see nothing in the stuff online that raises a flag
about such use.

I know that my dad had the regulators checked and tuned and new hoses
put on 10 years ago. They were never attached to tanks. The hoses
feel soft and flexible. Would they be OK or should they be replaced?

They will work fine for any jewelers torch you are likely to use. The
hoses may be a little heavy duty (stiff) for light weight torches so
I would use the ones that come with the little torch or if you get
the Meco Midget look at the light weight hoses that you can get from
the Tinman

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


I bought a “Y” connector and a little valve for each hose and ran my
Little Torch from the same tanks and regulators that I used for light
duty welding. It wasn’t ideal but it worked fine.

As to the hoses, they probably should be replaced. Spongy hoses are
not good.

John in Indiana