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Registering a Trademark

I need to register a trademark and a service mark. When I read all
the content at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s
website, it was pretty clear that they recommend having an attorney
help with this so that a business doesn’t spend a lot of money and
then fail to get the trademark or service mark they want.

Has anyone registered a trademark or service mark?

Should I just look to the yellow pages to find an attorney who can
help with this or is there a better way?

Elizabeth (located in Seattle)

Depends if you think you have a truly unique mark. I took the risk of
just applying online back in August of 2000 - just recently did the
application go to the next part of the process-it will be another two
to three months before I know - a total of 8 or 9 months ! on a gamble
! Good luck on your decision

Russell’s of Camden
20 Main St.
Camden, Maine 04843

Hi Elizabeth… I have not done a trademark but I have successfully
registered a copyright.; It seems daunting but I found the people by
phone at the Fed Offices were very helpful. btw… it took 7 months to
get my copyright approved… the office will tell you 6-12 months is
normal.; However, if you send your application in by registered mail,
you can say “pending” trademark etc.I think you can do it yourself…
an attorney will tell you what is required and expect you to produce…
so other than figuring out exactly what is needed (call the fed office
if unsure) you are going to be doing the work. there are excellent
search sites available through the trademark-copyright webpages.

good luck

Your question about needing an attorney for registering a
trademark…I think it depends on your trademark or hallmark type. I
registered my hallmark about 6 years ago; it’s a monogram style and I
was spending a few days in Washington, D.C. so I went into the
trademark office and went through the registered hallmark files to
make sure that I would not be in conflict with an existing mark. Then
I submitted the papers and had no problem. The process took 9 months
from start to finish. If you do this on your own, be sure to check
existing marks first, which you can now do on-line. Donna in VA

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