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Refining, What do you save to send?

I’m curious to know what everyone saves to send to the refiner?
Sweeps, scraps, the obvious stuff, I know, but to what extent do you

I’ve heard the stories about chairs and rugs that were sent in
containing a small fortune, but what of the daily stuff. Sandpaper,

Just curious,
Pam Farren
Newburyport, MA

Call Advanced Chemical, they are in Warwick RI, not too far from
you. You might also try Pease and curren, they are in RI aw well. I
use both.


These are my containers:

  1. Clean Sterling - this can include metal with solder, but not
    mixed metals, or parts containing adheisoves or stones.

  2. Junky Sterling - Used sandpaper, sweeps, metal with odd things
    glued or soldered to it.

  3. 18KG

  4. 14KG

A million years ago, I worked for a goldsmith who refined the filters
from her heating system, the bags from her vaccum cleaner, and the
entire rug when she remodeled the studio. She did get a small
fortune. I, however, do not use much gold, and would not get much $$
for such careful measures.

Check on Hoover and Strong’s web sight for info on refining. There
is also a thread on refining on Ganoksin.

Check on Hoover and Strong's web sight for info on refining. There
is also a thread on refining on Ganoksin. 

That’s the best advise. I can tell you what we do, though. We have a
big fiber drum from the refiner for floor sweeps, polishing filters
and such. We have a smaller container, about 1/2 gallon, for bench
sweeps, and if I sweep the floor by my bench I might put it in there.
We keep our filings and scrap separate and clean, and recycle them
(melt them), but anything metal that is suspect for that I put in a
glass vial that’s pure metal - no dust, lint, etc. That’s because we
get a better return the cleaner it is, with our guy. Less work for
them = more money for us.