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    Double sided tape can be helpful, although I have not used it.
The only inconvenience I could see is that some of your lemel
(filings/metal fragments) will stick to the tape. This could be a
nuisance when during metal recycling. 

When I have pieces of tape or rubber cement carrying my lemel I don’t
know what to do with it regarding recovery. I stuff it into a
container rather than discard it and save it along with the
replaceable filters from my dust collector.

I send my scrap for credit in trade with my suppliers who usually
have a disclaimer about the presence of adhesives. Once I tried
burning off the tapes and residues (outdoors, upwind from fumes - I
know: what about the neighbors?) but ended up with a mess rather than
ash and didn’t know if including it with my lemel would cause the lot
to be rejected. The adhesive rule may also apply with the large
refiners (who will take wood, carpet, filters, etc.) but I don’t
produce the large volumes that would justify their minimum charges.
What do we small fry do with such processing?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

This is the greatest place. Thanks for being here and great
blessings upon Hanuman.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix