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hi everyone. i am interested in sending my scrap into a refinery. There is a lot. mostly silver but also gold. who do you recommend for this? thanks in advance! ~ lisa

Yes, there are many. I have always used Hoover and Strong, but for no other reason than habit. The process is simple: I package per their instructions and send my scrap. A short time later I get a check minus the processing fee. You can see all the instructions on line at their website. The same is probably true of other refiners. Separate you scrap, but include polishing duff, bench sweeps, I include the swarf from my wet grinder along with my clean, labeled, scrap. People send in rugs and chair cushions, so don’t be shy, just check first with whomever you go with…Rob


thank you Rob! i have never been good with saving my sweeps except for this year! It took me long enough! I do trust hoover & strong so i will check out their instructions. thank you so much!

I started using Ted Isham/ PMRS upon a recommendation from the Metalsmith Society. He’s really nice! Give him a call and he will explain all his recommendations, and send you a free shipment of collection containers (including a huge bucket for everything you sweep/vacuum/throwout in your shop)
Ted Isham
Precious Metal Refining Services, Inc.
1531 S. Grove Ave. Suite 104
Barrington, IL 60010
815-355-4422 Cell
800-323-9785 x8810 Toll Free

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