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Refilling disposable propane tanks

I have been using and disposing of Coleman type propane disposable
bottles, 1 lb, for a number of years. I have a fixed pressure
regulator made by Smith for use on my Smith Little Torch and Meco
Torches. When used with a standard 40 cu.ft. Oxygne tank and standard
regulator, it has provided a flexible and safe small torch set up
for inside a dwelling.

I have a 10 lb. propane torch ( smallest commercial size ) which I
was afraid to use inside. It is stored in a secured and ventilated
area. A product at Harbor Freight is ITEM 45989-1VGA at $ 12.99
ea. With it I can refill disposable tanks.

" PROPANE BOTTLE REFILL KIT - Save money! Refill your own
Coleman-type propane bottles from a portable 20 lb. cylinder. Safe
and legal, you no longer have to dispose of, or pay for, those small
propane bottles. Propane resale or transport across state lines is
prohibited by law.

a… Solid brass, designed to last a lifetime

b… Refills cylinders in one minute or less " The adapter is all
brass and American Made.

I have purchased this item and am pleased with it. The legal
restrictions preclude resale of these tanks Your own personal use by
all indications is legal.

Several recomendations are wear googles, fill and store tanks
outside, if tanks look ratty - throw them away , Last - check all
filled tanks for leaking by spraying the tank threads with windes
and look for bubbles. The tanks are intended to be disposed of.
Extend their life only as long as it is safe.

In the 1999 - 2000 winter , there was a ice storm which shut down
all electrical power for up to 2 weeks. It was shut down at my house
for 11 days. I use these propane lamps for emergency lighting . I
feel these are safe and economical alternatives. I have no other ax
to grind in this matter.

The internet resources I used are - ( 49 u.s.c. 5124 - refilling
disposable propane tanks ) and Google search.