Reference materials

The following is a list of books in my library. I thought this list my
be helpful to anyone seeking reference or study material.

1… Modeling in wax for jewelry and sculpture - kallenburg
2… Basic wax modeling - h. Tsuyki (and professional wax)
3… Wax and casting - roger armstrong
4… The design and crastion of jewelry - von neuman
5… Creative gold and silversmithing - choate and demay
6… Silversmithing and art metal for schools,ect. - bovin
7… Jewelry making - murry bovin
8… The complete metalsmith - tim mccreight
9… Practical casting - tim mccreight
10… Metalwork and enameling - maryon (interesting)
11… Jewelry making and design - rose and cinno
12… Rings for the finger - kunz (interesting)

All books by alan revere
Books and articles- charles lawton-brain
And of course the invaluable orchid archives


13.gemstones of the world - schuman
14.dictionary of gems and gemology - shipley
15.gem identification made easy - matlins and bannano
16.color enclyclopedia of gemstones - arem
17.visual optics -
18.visual optics ii - to affordable gemology - hanneman
20 determinative gemology - hanneman (key to book by arem)
21.gem testing - b.w.anderson
22.gemology - hurlburt and switzer
23.handbook of gem identification - liddicoat

Charles hayes
Hayes jewelers

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There is a new very informative and instructional book called The
Complete Book of Jewelry Making by Carles Codina. I have written about
this book before and think it’s a great addition to anyones library.
Lark Books. Louise