Reddish rutilated quartz

I have been to Tucson before but have never gone to any bead shows.
I am looking for fairly clean 10 mm or 12 mm reddish rutilated quartz
beads and nice clean faceted aquamarine beads. Any suggestions where
to look?

Also, any recommendations for dealers for faceted round andalusites,
5mm or precious or unusual semi-precious half drilled gem balls in a
3 to 8mm range? I looked for the andalusites last year and only found
ovals. Thanks and see you at the Orchid dinner. Eileen DelDuca

Hi Eileen, The Holidome at the Holiday Inn and the Rodeway Inn have
one bead vendor after another. These are both large shows. The
Windmill which is a bead show if I remember correctly has glass and
handmade beads, not much in semi precicous or precious. One nice
bead vendor to try is Taj Co.He is located at several shows and I
know he is at the GLDA. in the Holiday Inn at City Center.(I don’t
think it is called the Holiday Inn anymore)

I hope this helps.
Diane Sadel

FYI - The Holiday Inn City Center, where the GLDA is held, is now
called the Radisson City Center. Same place, different ownership.

JoAnna Kelleher
Pearl Exotics
Promenade Room, Booth#5