Red patina on copper

After searching the archives in hopes of having my dilemma
solved I’ve come up empty handed. I’m hoping someone out there
in the land of Orchid can help me. (Sheesh, sounds like I’m
about to fall off a cliff!) We’re installing a stairway w/copper
tubing as the uprights for the handrail. We would like to patina
the copper red (not rust). It doesn’t seem feasable to make a
big vat of the brew to boil the tubing in (complete metalsmith
recipe). I can’t get that wonderful red through heat with a
torch because I don’t want to anneal the copper. Anyone have any
suggestions? Looking forward to many replies. : ) Lisa

G’day Lisa; what about buying a length of stainless tubing a
little wider than your copper? Hammer a tight fitting rubber
stopper in one end. You could put the handrail tubing lengths
into the stainless tube then pour the boiling solution in and if
necessary play the torch up and down the stainless tube to heat
it further if necessary. Worth 2c? Cheers John Burgess.