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Red Cell Dino Bone

I’m in hopes that someone can direct me to a source of red cell dino
bone rough. This is the only way I have seen it identified. It is
very red with identifiable cell structure. I have tried all of the
sources of fossils that I know of. Any and all help is greatly
appreciated. God bless,J ohn Barton

I have a 4# chunk of Red Cell Dino Bone, plus about 2# of slabs and
also a complete and perfect tail vertebra that weighs over 10#. You
may phone me at 760/726-9123 for more details. Yours, Jim Hoyle

Hi, John-

Dino bone shows up regularly on Ebay. You can probably bid on either
rough or slabbed dino bone there. Also, if you come to the
Quartzsite Pow Wow in Quartzite, AZ you can get as much as you want.
The thing to watch for with dino bone, besides pretty color and
pattern, is how well-silicated and filled in the webbing is. You can
drag your fingernail across the surface of a dino bone slab, and if
it is well-silicated, it should just slide across, but your nail
will catch in the webbing of the lower quality stuff. This is
important because if the webbing is not well-silicated, it will
undercut and will not look so good when cabbed.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

Hi John A lot of the red colour of Dino bone comes from Utah. If you
can find a dealer selling Utah dino bone, they should be able to get
it. I myself would like to find a good source for it.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.