Red and white gold - color contrast


is there a possibility of getting a high color contrast in a 18K
red and white gold mokume ring? I’ve made one and am a little
disappointed of the colors, because the red gold looks very pale
red and the white gold (Pd-white) has the gray color one knows of
palladium. What I wanted to achieve is a really red ring with
bright white lines. Is there any kind of treatment to get the
colors I wanted? I could live with that pale red, but what I
really don’t like is the white gold’s gray color. I think there
must be a way to get it more whitish.


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protect the metal better during soldering red gold will lose
color and white gold will gray if you get them to hot especially
when you solder the 2 together, try eutectic solder as the two
alloy will react as a bimetal making solder flow difficult.
causing a longer higher heat application to get results.there is
a temp chart in the book of alloys, don’t know the author. hope
that helps…John the Ringman

Since I made Mokume there really was high heat when I fused
those two metals together. Is there really no way to get the red
color back? Can’t believe it…


sabineas virtual gallery
metal design, jewelry & silverwork

Sabine: try to pickle… soak in cold cyanide if that does not
work , if that doenot work try a hot shot into the pickle (ring
hot) and quenched very fast this has a tendancy to raise the
copper on the outside. I have found that two different metals
will pickup copper from the pickle pot if I leave a piece of
copper in it. perhaps that will help…once its gone it
usually is gone for good…Ringman John