Recycle polishing waste

does anyone know where I can recycle polishing waste? I live in Big Pine Ca.

Hoover and Strong, I just sent them a garbage bag full…Rob

I used to work as a Diamond Setter in one of two Canada’s largest jewellery factories. It was time for the refining of the polishing and bench sweeps.
When the factory and office staff of over 100 people were to take their 2 weeks Summer holidays. The management decided to send in their refining to cover the costs, can you imagine the dollar value of the Gold & Platinum?

For obvious reasons, I wasn’t privy to the money that was returned, but the refining paid for all of the 2 weeks vacations.

The factory hand-washing sinks, washroom sinks, even the lunchroom sinks had their own recycling-facilities. Just before the people left the factory, they had to clean their soles of their shoes. Even the cleaning of the air-filters!!

At the end of each day, the polishing machine-baffles were vacuumed. At the end of each week a very intense polishing-machine cleaning took place. Many times a year the floors were washed and even that water was (of course) recycled!

Remember, vacations for 100 people were paid for just by this thorough cleaning!

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Gerry, I love reading your stories. Where did you go for your recycled-metal-funded holiday? :slight_smile:


Hi Emily! just what’s a holiday?..:wink:
After only 60 years at the diamond-setting bench. These stories are true and none are copied from other people!

Sixty years is only 21,900 days…OY! & Ouch!

I’ve been on a long term (11 month) recovery from my third Spinal-Fusion. I wake up every morning and the rest of the day is my “holiday!”
Sixty years ago is: gold at $32.00 gram and silver was about $1.90 ounce; homes were selling for $16,500, loaf of loaf of bread was at $1.75. cuppa-coffee was .10

cost of diamond setting was : engagement centre stone 1.50, basic 4-claw setting was .50 per stone.

I only hope that I continue writing more stories.:wink:

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60 years at the bench, now that’s what I call a career and labor of love! What a wonderful legacy to look back on, and how generous you are to share your impressive experience with those of us (far) less knowledgeable.

You must keep writing, since we need you to! It’s just as simple as that!

Greetings from Belgium,


Hi Emily
I promise you and everyone, I will resume my writing in the next week or two.

My very first topic is to explain the techniques in placing the wax-sprue to the ”tree” just prior to casting! Are there any problems lurking, trust me, there are many…;(

I have taken over 55 photos, but I’ll only show you 35+.

The text & writing is good, but up-close photos are better!
Regards to all and everywhere!

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Thank You so much, great spot.