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Recutting or selling chipped stones

i just chipped an 8mm lab grown trillion cut sapphire while
attempting to do a hammer setting. the chip is tiny, and the
majority of the stone is still intact. is there a cutter that anyone
knows of that buys chipped stones to be recut? if not where would
others recommend i send the stone to be recut. I don’t usually use
such expensive stones, and this represents a large investment for me
in the first place, i don’t know if i can afford to spend a lot on
getting it recut, so any info you can give me would be great.

Travis Parry
Parry Metal Designs

Doesn’t sound like an expensive repair. Where’s the chip?

go to they have a list of cutters that accept


if you paid a lot for a lab grown white sapphire - it seems you got
rather…em taken! nonetheless if you can’t hide the chip in a
creative setting- depending on where it is, you can perhaps repair it
yourself if you have a flat lap and some cerium oxide or Linde “a"
abrasives, or a dremel tool, a mandrel that can accept psa discs and
some 3M micro- finishing papers or the actual pre-cut pressure
sensitive discs, or any new 3- 5/8” (or really any size under an
inch) sintered or coated diamond disc and an angle finder…I would
give you more specific instructions if I knew where the chip was- on
the other hand if its a lab grown white sapphire having it re cut (
if there isn’t a lapidary club in your area that would take it on as
a project or deed of goodwill!) would probably cost more than
replacing the stone…an 8mm lab grown trillion on my price lists
averages around 12 dollars…or a bit more if it’s the only item
you’re ordering…feel free to contact me off list for details on how
to go at repairing it yourself or a supplier that can provide you one
for under 20 dollars. (if you do write off list let me know where you
are so I can recommend someone or a club in your area!)