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Recommending Orchid

This weekend I did a show at a local art college with a jewelry
department, and I spent a lot of time talking to students about
making jewelry. They were very eager to talk to me, and I could
happily talk about the technical stuff for hours. But I aways finish
by giving them the Ganoksin web address and recommending Orchid. It
is the finest resource I have ever seen, to say nothing of all the
awesome people here who are friendly, helpful, and just as obsessed
as I am. I can think of no better place for a student to get

Janet Kofoed

Janet, et all!

I’m going to out-of-town to instruct 10 students. If any of them
want to see my 55 videos, I’ll promote heavily Orchid, why not? I’m
also going to a another college to teach north of Toronto, for
another 10 more students. More referrals for the video’s, more
potential chances for boosting & promoting “Orchid”.

Orchid has been serving ‘us’ so very well. Lets do Hanuman a favour,
lets encourage the newer learning folks what jewellery is really
like…This is the ‘real world’…!!!Gerry Lewy

Hi all

Orchid has been serving 'us' so very well. Lets do Hanuman a
favour, lets encourage the newer learning folks what jewellery is
really like...*This is the 'real world'...!!!*' 

agree totally. I am always putting people onto Orchid. They are
always thankful and amazed.

Keeping the trade alive or what?

all the best

Hey Gerry,

You are a true team player. I hope your classes go well.

I want to thank you for all you do for individuals (like me) and for
the Orchid community. You are an amazing combination of talent and
generosity of spirit.

Love the videos!


Hello All,

For many years I have been an avid supporter Ganoksin and Orchid. I
ran the Orchid Raffle for 6 years, helping out any way I could. With
the crushing force of Facebook and online forums, I admit, it was a
shiny and quick way to find answers to questions and connect to new
makers. However, the snarky tone of contributors by dealing with
trolls has made me finally walk away from various groups on Facebook
and back to the elegance and INFORMATIVE arms of Orchid. Hanuman has
been tireless in his moderation efforts to keep Orchid going. He
MODERATES this group, making everyone feel welcome and making sure we
are polite and respectful, like we want to be treated ourselves.

I like LEARNING at Ganoksin and I want to do it here and in the
archives of 18 years plus of archived material from my peers. I made
lots of friends here like Dan Grandi from RaceCar Jewelry (the best
metal caster I know), Sam Patania, Michael Sterling and countless
others - even Hanuman and Ton whom I have the pleasure of visiting
in Thailand. We are teachers, goldsmiths, writers, jewelry
designers, makers and so much more. Ganoksin and Orchid has given me
so much. and it asks nothing of me, other than to offer a good
tidbit of from hard learned lessons of trial and error.
I think you can go home again and it’s nice to still see people
chatting and learning from one another.

Now the ask. For those of you who have benefited from this
community, if you haven’t yet, help support Ganoksin. There is a
Drawing for $10,000 worth of prizes from Rio Grande for only $35!
What costs only $35 these days? Such a deal.

There has been an offer for books lately, e-books actually that you
can download or get a DVD (what I chose and am happy I did). All
kinds of wonderful, out of print metalsmithing books. All here, just
for you. Ok, a little more than $35, but like the special
anniversary or birthday dinner for two, this gift to you or somebody
who inspires you or perhaps a budding student.

Help Ganoksin and Orchid. Do your part, even if you only read the
Ganoksin Project on FB. You never know, you might just win that
Golden Ticket and take the flying elevator to who knows where with
new tools.

With love and gratitude,

Karen Christians

I have links to Orchid on my website and I always recommend it to
every new jeweler I know!

Gerald A. Livings

I have learned a lot from the jewelers on the website, and have been
inspired by many of the posts. I always recommend the site to my
jeweler friends.

Barbara in Texas where it is finally cooling off.

Great idea, I always reccomend Orchid and its priceless value as an
source to my fellow jewelers here in Spain. I’ve just
made a donation to support this marvellous project, as a humble
exchange for all the info I get about both basic and special issues
regarding titanium.

Keep on rockin’!

Irene Lopez

I’ve just finished a hour-long (gem-stone) setting video. it’s in
the intense editing stage right now…all proceeds will be donated to
Orchid. **Just a little ‘thanks for everything’.
.am working on 2
more hour-long video’s.

These will be due by end of this year, same arrangement will be
made! Gerry Lewy

Thanks so much Gerry for all the work you put for us to learn, can’t
wait to see those videos.


Gerry…Just want to say thank you very much for your efforts on
behalf of the members of Ganoksin! I know what it takes to make a
video and I know what your posting takes a lifetime to develop and
learn. Best to you, Chris Hierholzer

Gerry, I’ve watched and rewatched the four part Prong Setting
instruction video from a class you were teaching. Not only could I
see everything, your teaching, tips and instruction were wonderfully
detailed. And not overly so, either. I learned a lot, even finding
new things or remembering others when I rewatch!

It’s an invaluable set of of videos, so I really am eagerly
anticipating your ‘official’ videos! Becky