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Recommended gauge for earring posts


I want to make some post earrings - sterling silver.

What gauge of wire do you recommend I use for the pin part? Does it
matter if the wire is soft, half hard, etc.

How do you work harden the pin so it holds its shape?



I use 20 gauge…some people prefer 18 gauge, but it’s too thick for
my taste. i harden the wire by holding it with flatnose pliers close
down at the solder joint (with the wire flat up into the pliers,
parallel in the pliers, not perpendicular to the pliers) and twisting
it 45 degrees (one quarter turn), to the left or right, your
preference…it serves the purposes of testing the solder joint to
make sure it’s secure and work-hardening the post…

cheers, mary


I make my posts out of 20 or 22 sterling wire. After soldering I
grasp it with my tweezers and give it a twist. This tests to see that
it is on tight, and also work hardens the post. I like them hard so
that when the ear nut is put on them they don’t flex and bend while
the nut is being put in place.



I use 20 ga, dead soft, solder it on, then twist the stem to work
harden. If the stem can’t be twisted due to the earring design, I’ll
carefully tap it on my anvil w/ a hammer. Next I cut a groove for
the nuts to grab on to, then put it through the tumbler w/ mixed
steel shot.

I’ve never had a problem with posts being too soft, bending, or
giving in during use.

Best wishes,



I use 0.9mm drawn wire x 10mm long for studs. See images as these
studs are 10m.m dia opal in 375 yg.