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Recommendations for Die-Striking Manufactures

Hello -

I am looking for a manufacture who can die cut charms. We need about 1000 pieces of 1 design, and 4000-5000 pieces of another design per year. They need to be ready for assembling without a need of further cleaning.

If any of you could recommend a reliable manufacture, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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Hi Megu,
Weve spoken! before on the E coating discussion.
On this forum I dont know of anyone else apart from ME! that does die striking in the hundreds and more. The biggest production run I did was for 8000 die struck pewter coins for a castle in Germany. I do production runs from 25 upwards. Last week a nice order from Lapland.
for the sterling buttons for a Sami belt on the basis set out below. Just completed.
I generally produce items in the hundreds and every so often 2500 off .
In addition to me being a jewellery maker for now 50 yrs.
So Im interested in your request as a turnkey project.
Im in the UK, and you do not say where you are. That is the,
1st of my requirements.
For this kind of work its done as follows.
2nd, you pay for the metal in advance from Cookson Gold where I have a trade account at their trade price. and its delivered here for me to process.
3rd for this no of items, you pay for the dies to be made to your design at cost. I dont put any additional money on their production. I have a very reliable professional die making company I trust. the dies are your property and exclusive to you.
4th, you pay for each 500 off in advance by BACS transfer.
5th. you pay shipping costs plus any import taxes and other costs involved to where you are also by BACS in advance.
6th I quote you the production cost and delivery time frame from my workshop.
Once the dies and associated tooling and metal and payments are here, production is not delayed, and can be completed within 4 weeks.
Obviously I will need detailed specifications as to designs and metal thicknesses on which to quote you the tooling and production costs.
Blessings on your new arrival.!
in Dorset UK.

If you need a U.S. company,
contact ;
Don Ross, A.M Ross & Son, Jenkintown Pa.
Good luck,

Hi Megu,
My reply to your request for help in die striking?
did you get it?, I have not heard anything.
You see, there are only so many production slots per year in my factory and as I have not had any response from you, I have to say,
That the slot I had free has now been snapped up by another customer.The reason is that my production time is so much in demand.
That is because the way I work provides the cheapest result for my customers.
If I fund from my capital, the die costs tooling costs and metal costs for the customer, the total price is at least 50% more. Especially for what in your case are custom designs , which I would not normally make to market myself.
Sorry to have to write this, I wish you well.

Hi Ted,

Sorry for my slow response. For some reason, e-mail notifications from Ganoksin went to the spam folder, and I didn’t realize that I had received responses. Funny how some notifications came to my inbox just fine, and some didn’t. I should have checked the forum directly.

I understand that you can take on only so many projects per year, and I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my post. If it’s ok with you, I’d love to contact you again for our future projects if you deal with US-based customers, which you said is your #1 requirement. If you do, may I ask you questions about the logistics and costs for our future reference? I’m sure that costs differ depending on the design specs, but this is the first time we consider employing the die-striking method, and it helps to get a rough idea.

Thank you very much.



Thank you very much for the info! Much appreciated.


Hi Megu,

  1. always! always! check for replies at the forum, as a business person you cannot afford this kind of delay. As well as the opportunities therefore lost for us both.
  2. Yes, Im always happy to look at any project, wherever it comes from worldwide.
  3. In this instance I would still like to see the designs you wanted made, please send pictures.
  4. in what material, thickness and size? whether repousse or solid like coining, I do both.
  5. My son visits friends regularly,in the USA and could bring a finished production product and post locally via UPS or DHL in the USA to you at some future time… What state are you located? as taxes vary on imported items.?
  6. I can now, if you can supply the info above, run a costing exercise anyway as a guide for you to compare with other quotes.
    If you have any queries dont hesitate to reply via the private email link in this forum software,
    or my direct email address which is vladimirdotfrateratgmaildotcom.

Hello Megu
Try AU Enterprises in Michigan. Contact the President Linus Drogs
Email :

Great guy/great company!

DHF Inc.

Hi Megu,
I think i have found a co to make your charms in the Detroit area. So send me the detaills etc ASAP! and ill pass them on.

Hi - thank you very much for the information!!


I sent a message to your gmail. Thank you very much!


Hi Megu,
another wretched email issue! nothing has arrived from you!
PLEASE communicate via your email address not through Ganoksin.
I cant reply to you direct.

Hi -

I sent it from my e-mail address, Wired.
Allow me to confirm your e-mail:

I will try again now.


Oh, no, now I know what’s wrong. vladimir.frater, not vladimirdotfrater
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