Recommendation of a fellow Orchid wax carver

Hi, folks.

Just wanted to let you know that we have an unbelievable wax carver
in our midst here on Orchid. Her name is Margie Mersky, and you can
see her work at MM Wax Models | We Design 3D Models I was looking for a
carver a few months ago and found her right here.

She recently completed a wax model of a belt buckle for me, and I am
completely astonished by the incredible detail of her work. There
were many small details in this buckle design, and she replicated
them EXACTLY. I mean EXACTLY. I am actually astonished that anyone
could replicate all of those little details by hand. The woman is a
genius, and I rarely use that term.

This sounds like a commercial, but I have no affiliation at all with
Margie other than being a fully satisfied customer of hers. This is
the 3rd project she’s done for me, and she’s been a pleasure to work
with every time. On top of that, the quality of her work is

I’d like to add to John’s recommendation, that in addition to Margie
Mersky’s incredible artistic skills she brings to all her wax
creations, she’s also successfully formulated a superior carving wax
which she sells on the same web site:

She calls it “Deep Detail” wax - and for a very good reason! The
models shown on her site, as well as the finished jewelry, were
created using this very wax.

I personally use this wax and recommend it for most casting
applications. I’ve also used it with great success in creating larger
pieces requiring both shaping and hollowing via a lathe setup rigged
from a flex shaft. I love the consistency it has for both carving and
build-up. AND, it does indeed, make it easier to see the minute
details being created onto the surface of the wax while carving. If
you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and GET SOME! I think
you’ll be delighted with results!

(No affiliation with Margie other than being another satisfied
customer. LOVE that Deep Detail wax!)

Charlie Thomas