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Recommendation for how to polish the interior of sterling holloware and platters

Looking to polish the interior of some sterling holloware. Google is giving me zero, except some not so local siliversmiths to maybe reach out to through Society of American Silversmiths.

A three inch wheel isn’t going to fit inside some of the smaller pieces. Have been looking at cone attachments, which appear to might work, and maybe use smaller wheels for recessed interior areas.

For smaller pieces, any reason, I couldn’t put them in a vibratory tumbler if they fit?

For a larger serving tray i messed around with I used a cordless drill with a pad, however, am considering getting an orbital buffer.


Jeffrey Herman and Liza Nechamkin Glasser work
in silver restoration and repair, etc)

perhaps you might find looking at their polishing setups helpful.

perhaps you could reach out to them,…

they both appear to use very long spindles on their arbors…


Try looking up a book called Polishing and finishing for jewellers and silversmiths by Stephen Goldsmith and look him up on Instagram under @goldpolisher. He has posted some good tips about polishing holloware. It’s a bit tricky translations British terms for compounds and buffs but with a bit of work you will get it. Don’t use the vibratory tumbler.