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Recomend a good refining service?

Hello Orchid,

I have a considerable amount of silver scrap and I need to find a
good refining service. Does anyone know of a good service that is
quick, honest and offering a good percentage of the market value as

Also any info on who NOT to use would be great.

thanks so much,
Sarah Winfield
Eclipse Design
Sitka, AK

I have used United Refining, 1-800-999-fine, for the last 15 years
with absolute trust. They are quick, honest, and offer many
benefits. Try them, you’ll like them. If you call, ask for Stick (
Angelo Lorenzo), a very knowledgeable person.


I second the use of United. I have been working with them for years
not only for recovery but for alloys as well. Dave Zimmer is the
person I speak to when I need help other than just placing an order.

Frank Goss

I have been using Hoover and Strong for years and have always been

Sam Patania, Tucson

Sarah, I have sent everything to Maguire and Strickland for several
years now.( I have been very happy with my return and
the speed I get the check.

my two cents, Jerry.