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Recognizing the innovators

Recognizing the Innovators

Foldforming continues to take many forms, and a lively community has
developed on- and off-line, with great generosity in sharing
technical constructive critiques, and the sharing of new
ideas and directions. This year the Center for Metal Arts would like
to honor some of the outstanding participants in the foldforming
community at the Charles Lewton-Brain Conference to be held August 2
-5, 2013.

We are asking for nominations of individuals who are making
contributions to the foldforming community either as

  1. innovators to watch, who are taking foldforming in new
    directions, or

  2. individuals who are constructive members of the foldforming

To nominate someone, send their name and a brief line about why this
person should be recognized for their work or contribution to: [info

Please put INNOVATOR 2013 in the subject line.

You can nominate as many foldforming innovators as you wish, but you
can only vote for a specific person once. Voting closes June 20,
2013. The Center for Metal Arts reserves the right to choose the
number of folks who receive recognition at the 2013 conference.

Please visit our website for full conference :