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Recipe for debubblizing solution


has anyone got any knowledge (or a recipe) of what makes a good
debubblizing solution ?


You can use a mixture of equal parts liquid dish soap & water. I
worked in a shop that used a few drops of ivory liquid in their
investment as a debubbling agent, however, that may lead to problems
with your investment.


Brendan, I used to make my own debubblizer which was very effective. I
don’t have the exact formula now but from memory it was something
like the following:

Acetone             	38%
Methyl alcohol    	60%
Good detergent.   	2% .

Here in Australia I used BP (British Petroleum) detergent. The
acetone dissolves any grease or oil the methyl alcohol will assist
in a rapid evaporation and the detergent is what stops the air
bubbles adhering to the surface of the wax. Tony Eccles.