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Recent passing: Al Pine


Dear Friends and fellow metal artists;

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you of the
recent passing of Al Pine. He was an a true friend, esteemed
colleague, and steadfast supporter of all things related to metal
arts - dedicated to making a positive, encouraging contribution to
all the lives he touched: friends, professional metalsmiths and

He was blessed to have passed in his sleep.

His family is planning a memorial event, I think it will be in San
Francisco in the next few weeks. As soon as I have the particulars, I
will pass them on to you.

Warm regards,


I am so sorry to hear of Al Pine’s passing. What a sweet gentleman.
I ran into him at a flea market in SF and he would bring his tools up
to Mendocino to offer to students when I taught there.





I am so very sorry and sad to hear about Al. He was my teacher,
mentor, and friend. His encouragement set me back on my path to
metal. He believed in me, my work, and my possibilities. Most of my
hammers, hand tools, and my 180# (?) anvil I acquired from him, and
they are still in use. Please, keep me (us) informed as to the
particulars. I would like to attend a memorial event if possible.

with fondest memories,
Valerie Ostenak


This is very sad news. Al was instrumental in getting me started
years ago, and his famous house sales are a fond memory. He helped
lots of us and he will be truly missed.



Sorry to hear it. I went to tools sales at his home in Los Angeles a
couple of times. What an experience. He always had the most
fascinating stuff.



Friends, Colleagues, past & current jewelry students:

AS a follow up to my prior e-mail announcement about AL Pine’s
passing, I have had many requests from those of you who knew Al.

His family is planning a memorial event, on Monday, February 15th,
2010, at 11:00 am. Location: Temple Emanuel, 2 Lake Street, in San
Francisco (cross street is Arguello of 19th Avenue you would head
west on Arguello)

Many of you knew Al through his role as a tool supplier to jewelry
students (and on occasion, sculpture students). Although he was
involved in both buying and selling tools while he was still actively
teaching; after he retired, although he had ZERO financial need to do
so, he dedicated to sourcing out & providing reasonably priced
(usually significantly less expensive than any other source available
to the students) tools to metal artists, especially students,
throughout the state of California - he traveled up & down the entire
state visiting schools and art centers to create this opportunity. He
was generous with his time, knowledge and advocacy for the arts.

What you may not have been aware of (especially due to his humble
nature and demeanor):

He was a Professor Emeritus from CSU Long Beach; fellow Cranbrook
Academy of Art M.F.A. grad (of course, many years prior to my stint
there); a Distinguished Professional and Founding member of the
Society of North American Goldsmiths; and very active in the Artist
Blacksmith Association of North America. His work has been included
in numerous public and private collections, as well as professional

He will be missed.

P.S. His family has requested that I compile a collection of the
comments many of you have sent to me, as well as list of persons
interested in assisting with sorting out his enormous amount of
metalsmithing tools and treasures from his travels. THIS IS NOT
GOING TO BE A SELLING EVENT, just a donation of your time to assist
the family as they endeavor to settle his affairs.

These are located at his home in Santa Rosa, California as well as
his property on “The Land” near Point Arena on the Sonoma Coast. If
you are interested, please send me your name, Phone Number with area
code, and mail address. Send to:

Linda Weiss Dickenson


A goldsmith from Colorado contacted me, off list, in response to my
Orchid posting about Al Pine’s passing. I accidentally permanently
deleted hise-mail. Please re-send. Apologies for inconvenience.