Recent flying with jewelry experiences

I have flown a couple times with jewelry. I sincerely recommend
going two hours prior, even if you don’t need all that time.
Because there have been a couple times I have been pulled over and
had to completely unwrap every single piece in our line, or rather
helplessly watch as some security guard does it for me while giving
me threatening looks. Make sure to ask for a private room, which
"they" have to give you. It is your right. This can take alot of
time. Just plan ahead for it and you should be ok.

I think the hardest part is to weigh your safety and the safety of
your line with the demands of airline security. I ALWAYS carry my
line in a backpack and now I pack my line so that it will be easy
for someone who knows absolutely nothing about jewelry to unwrap it
and check it for hidden weapons. (I promised myself I would not be
cynical, but this is hard.)

Good luck - Marlene Richey