Reblading sterling flatware

hi, all- I was trying to think of who to ask this question ,
when I realized that some of you would know. Who is a supplier
for replacement blades for sterling knives (flatware?) And how is
this job accomplished? It looks to me as if they cement in,
somehow- thanks- Anne

Dear Anne

There is only one place in the world to get this worked done to
the highest quality. Sheffield in the UK, is the home of cutlery
and has been for centuries.

There is a Company called Walter Tricketts ad sons, that
specialise in Silver cutlery. On the other hand there is a multi
national company called “Carr’s of Sheffield”. That has the high
tech approach. As well as employing most of Sheffield’s master
Craftsmen. The cementing process that marries the cutlery
components together is called “sowerizing”, and obtains a
permanent seal that will not weaken over years of use and
cleaning in hot conditions.

If you would be interested in their addresses, please mail me
off list and I can give you further details.


Brian S. Saynor BA (Hons)

Jeffrey Herman, the director of Society of American
silversmiths, does fabulous restoration work, including
re-blading. You can find him through the SAS web site. I’ve
seen him do a beautiful job fixing things. He is used by many of
the best antique dealers.

Cynthia Eid