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Reba Engel - Jewelry Gallery
San Diego, USA

My passion for jewelry fabricating began in high school. While studying Applied Arts at SDSU, I took a semester with Arline Fisch and she introduced me to miniature nuts and bolts. Years later, I remained fascinated with their possibilities for pressure setting gemstones. In 1999,I developed a collection using their function and my engineered designs cut out by water-jet, also suggested by Fisch.

Over the years, my work has remained modern yet it has evolved with more fabricated designs and custom cut gemstones. I receive my best inspiration from fashion, architecture, nature, and most significantly, my friends and customers. My devotion is to design innovative jewelry that feels innately familiar yet artistically progressive.

Fine Silver Beads & Vermeil Amulets w/ Citrine

Photo credit: Alex Slattery Photography


Materials: Gold & Sterling w/ Gemstones

Photo credit: Alex Slattery Photography


Materials: Sterling & Freshwater Pearls

Photo credit: Alex Slattery Photography