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Reasons for getting into the jewelry trade

Hi all! Finally off the lurker’s list, I thought this was an
interesting way to introduce myself. When I was 7-8 years old, I
used to pick up stones that I thought were pretty. As I got older,
my dad started to take an active interest as well and encouraged me
in the pursuit of “rocks”. When I was 12 we both joined the Syracuse
chapter of the AFM which met at Syracuse University at Lyman Hall.
We’d climb the stone stairs once a month and I’d just marvel at the
wonders that people brought in for others to see. The interesting
twist is that at that time, my future husband was a student at SU,
doing research at Lyman hall! He remembers seeing all the people
coming to the meetings and says he used to say “hello” to them,
being the friendly sort he is. We met for real 22 years later when
he was my instructor in a Physiology class, in a different city!
He is my strongest supporter in my “fever” to learn as much as I can
about the fascinating art of metal and stone which has turned out to
be a lifetime thing. I wonder if I ever said hello to him when I was

Rock on, Orchid! And many thanks for all I’ve learned from the list.

Sue Soon to be in Saskatoon from hot, dry, 112 degree Phoenix!