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Reasonably priced hotels near the Revere Academy


I have signed up for a course at the Revere Academy this summer and
was hoping someone who has attended the Revere Academy could
recommend a reasonably priced hotel near the academy. It is located
on Market Street near Union Square



Beresford (there are two near Union Square to choose from) Hotel.

There ya go…
Kay Taylor


I stayed at the Marriott. It was close and convenient. The school is
right in the heart of the nicest area, most things are expensive. The
school is awesome and you’ll learn a ton! I went last summer for 3
weeks. I wish I could go back! Have fun:)


Hi! I am currently a student at Revere and though I am an SF native,
most of my classmates have been staying at the mayflower Hotel, on
Bush and Jones. They pay 1100 a month and on a day to day basis, it’s
between 80-120. (at least that what they’ve told me!) Hope this helps
and I think it’s great you’re going to school at Revere. I finish my
JTI in 2 weeks and i couldn’t be happier/sadder.



In the 80s-90s I used to always stay at the Cartwright on Sutter
Street. It is now the Larkspur Hotel and it is very near Union Square
up the hill from Market. The best rate I see on the internet is $139.
It was always a very nice boutique-y place, great location, and seems
to have been upgraded well.

I stayed at the Marriott. It was close and convenient. 

Well, right across the street, actually :wink:

I’m not going to recommend a hotel because I live here - meaning I
haven’t stayed in the hotels… There are a great many within
walking distance - there’s also a youth hostel somewhere not far
away. They range from fleabag homeless shelters to $1000/night
places. I know that is a national thing, but it’s used a LOT
around here. Get to the hotel part in SF (takes a bit of
navigation…) We are in Union Square (we’re down the hall from
Revere). Nearby neighborhoods would be Nob Hill, especially Lower Nob
Hill, and Soma (short for “South of Market”). The Tenderloin is our
skid row, but it’s not all bad and it’s getting better all the time.
It’s also near to us. Nobody likes everything on Yelp, but the
reviews can guide you none the less.


Check out the Marine’s Memorial Club & Hotel located on Union