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Reasonable price for Koroit Opal

If you should furnish your own quality Koroit opal in rough, slabbed
form to a lapidary, what might you consider a reasonable price to
pay per cabochon to have the material cut and polished? Sizes of
the finished, freeform cabochons would range from about 20 to 30 mm.
The lapidary work would be of the highest quality . Thank you.

Gail Clark


Koroit is one of my favorite gemstones to cut(not common among
lapidaries since the material is a real MESS to work with). When I
cut anything for another person, I do not charge by the piece but by
the hour. Two stones of the basic same size could take two
completely different times to cut. If you are interested in seeing a
few of the Koroit pieces that I have cut and to get pricing to have
your material cut, please email me directly.