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Real stones?

Along time ago I baught a pair of earings in a flea market. At
the time I knew less than I know now about gems…and now I know
only what I have picked up in my readings… Anyway, these
earrings had were made up of two beautiful green stones in the
traditionl emerald cut. I baught them because the stones were
so pretty. I have looked at these stones off and on through my
loupe and sometimes I think that they are real emeralds. They
have the inclusions in long opaque streaks that are visible with
the naked eye. These streaks run the legnth of the stone. This
made ne think that they were real.

They are good sized And very green and clear except for the
lines of inclusions and that makes me think that they are
fakes. ( so big and green)

They are pretty old and that is evident because of the screw
backs of the earrings.

They are faceted and through the loupe the edges look cut and
have a sharp feel to the me. That makes me think that they are
real. But the gold franmes that they are in are marked 1/20
which I think means that they are gold filled. So that makes me
think that they are fakes. And then the stomes have a not sharp
edge to them around the peremiter of the stone that does not
look cut. It has a darker burnished look and sometimes when I
look at this part of the stone( is it the sholder? the part that
goes in the finding and is in direct contact with the metal?) I
almost think that it is cast.

Then sometimes I think that these stones are not just glass but
may be lab grown but the ones that I have seen close up are
real-too-green and very clear an I have never seen inclusions in

Well what do you all think? I s there anything elce I can look
for that will tell me more?

Thanks Barbara
painter/nurse/jeweler wannabe

Dear Barbara:

I would definetly have them appraised by an expert. Hopefully
there is someone trust worthy in your area- maybe a local jewerly
who can help you out with the earrings…I hope they are real!
What a great find!