Read it please


In the last couple of weeks we have started to compile a F.A.Q.
to the orchid list. I would like to thanks Eve Wallace for the time and thought she puts in compiling
the F.A.Q.

Orchid is a free service maintained by jewelers for other

So, I would kindly ask each one of you to give Eve a help with this
difficult project she voluntarily took on her self.

Orchid is getting larger everyday! and the amount of material
will increase incrementally. Beside the Message Archive, [Which
has cleaned up from all the bounced messages] We would like to
compile and incorporate some of the threads as an indexed
articles in the Tips From The Jeweler’s Bench section.

Eve might need to contact some of you in order to verify or ask
for some Please give her a hand! She is doing a
great job!

Let’s us try to contribute some help to Eve! Eve and myself will
appreciate any help you can and would like to give us!

Thank you for reading and Warmest Regards to you all,
Dr. E. Aspler - List Owner and Administrator
Eve Wallace - F.A.Q. Maintainer