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Re Sharpening old Swanstrom circle cutting punch

Hello every one just wondering if any one has had a circle die cutter sharpened before , I have a brand new one and my old one that my students use of course the one subject to students has seen better days and since it’s summer and they are not around I am thinking of ways to bring the edge back to it , Any advice other than sending it to Swanstrom ?

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Rio Grande has a video on maintaining Swanstrom disc cutters: Swanstrom Super-flush Cutters and Disc Cutter Maintenance. I did not watch the entire video, however the Youtube description says it cover “how to clean, sharpen and care” for your disc cutter. I’m pretty sure you can find you can find the video on Rio’s website, but you may have to poke around to find it.

I hope this is helpful.


Indeed the right place to look since that’s where I bought it , thank you , some how I didn’t think of it , much appreciated!