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Re. Selling thru the web

Hi Jill ,

I created my web site for sellers
just like you .

This site has a lot of infomation on the industry which attracts
the buyers and sellers in . A seller gets more exposure being
listed here than in a search engine because searching for your
listing in a search engine is like looking for a needle in a hay

A buyer can come to my website and look around the designes and
products you sell and inquire for prices only from you or send
an inquiry via our popular inquiry e-mail form ( No Web site
needed ) to all listed suppliers for a given product , and
expect a fast reply , he can then choose the best supplier
according to his requirments and means.

From the sellers point of viwe , he gets good exposure but he
has to compeat with other seller to win a sale, a fast and
prompt reply , good presentation of designes , Quality of goods
and Fair pricing may lead you to the final sale.

And whats more there are about 10 supplier catagaries to choose
from and a listing in any one of them is absolutly FREE. I Also
publish an E-paper to the jewelry industry which run clasifieds
which are FREE too.

If you have any suggestions and queries I would be pleased to
entertain. and I ready to help anyone who needs a jump start in
internet sales.

Ahmd Shareek