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Re : Selected remarks

Selected remarks by Peter W. Rowe ( have been
archived and can be read at:


Gas mixtures for jewelry torches -Should I use Oxyacetylene?

Silver granulation -How do you get it to stick?

Faberge’s machine-engraving -How did he do it?

Forming sheet silver How can I do it?

The well-cut gemstone How can you tell?

Tightening prongs -How to get it snug.

“Goldstone” -What is it? .

Making coins-Then, now, and in the studio.

Chasing Pitch-The right stuff.

Flat bezels- And the tool to make them that way.

Jeweler’s burrs- High-speed or vanadium steel?

Pripp’s Flux - The answer to firescale.

Remelting Scrap Silver- Should I bother?

Fluxes- Self-pickling vs. white paste.

Silver Solders- Are they all the same?

Vacuum Casting- What does that mean?

Pickle Recipes- Not the kind your grandma made.

Liver of Sulphur- How to use it for patinating silver.